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Yoga Skills Workshop - Headstands

Sunday 27th January   15:00 - 17:00


Skills Based Yoga Workshops
These 2 hour workshops have been specially curated to help you develop skills and knowledge to support your yoga practise.  Each workshop will have a particular theme / body area and will work towards two or more peak poses.
Sunday 27th January – HEADSTANDS
Learning to hold your body to support a headstand takes balance, strength and skill. In this workshop we are looking  to improve on these foundations, whilst building confidence and having fun.  This will be a physically demanding but fun class with varying levels of progression. The session will involve partner work and one to one adjustments. 
Open to all levels, whether you are working on getting up into headstand for the first time or finessing more complex transitions. Learn the core components of the poses and learn more about your body.  Discover whether you need to work more on flexibility or strength and learn some simple drills specifically designed for you to work on at home.

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