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Voga X Disco Barre XMAS Party

Friday 14th December   19:00 - 20:30


A match made in fitness heaven and a much awaited collaboration between two classes influenced by club culture of the 80’s and 90’s – Voga and Disco Barre are joining forces at The Refinery for a very unique experience.

This is not your average workout…we’re asking you to totally zone into the beat and fully immerse yourself in the moves to give you that ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ feeling.

Disco Barre is the hardcore ballet barre workout to disco and house music and is often voted as London’s best barre class. It combines small movements and isometric holds which will work every muscle of your body until they quiver and burn. Sophie will kick off proceedings with a 45 minute session that will have you transported to Studio 54 or The Paradise Garage helping you to forget just how hard you are working. Every playlist that drops in a Disco Barre session is specially curated by Sophie.

Voga is taking the world by storm. It’s the fabulously fun way to get fit, toned and flexible to 80s house beats, combining contemporary breath flow with vogueing expression to power and enhance. Juliet will close proceedings with a 45 minute session which will have you losing yourself to the moves of the dance floor and the breath-synchronised movements of yoga.

Following the workshop students are invited to join Sophie and Juliet for a well deserved glass of bubbles!

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