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Almost every weekend The Refinery will offer workshops/masterclasses giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself further into your practice.  Workshops are the perfect way to go a little bit deeper offering you a full 2-3 hours to hone your technique and gain a better understanding.  These creative and well thought out classes are designed to significantly improve your practice.  Whether you want to take your fitness to the next level, learn techniques to release your tension, improve your postures or go deeper into your yoga practice our workshops are designed to make you laugh, smile, live, learn, love, grow, develop and glow with health! 



“Flow, Flip n Fly”
The Inversionists Yoga Workshop with Zoe

Saturday 16th September 14:00 – 16:00
Pricing: £25pp
Spaces limited to 16 students

Would you like to learn how to fly? Would you like to feel lighter and overcome your fears whilst developing deep inner confidence? All this and more! This workshop will focus on the bad-ass inversions like crow, headstand, shoulder stand and forearm balances. These are the most powerful of all the asanas affecting:
The Physical: reversing the aging process.
The Mental: stimulating intuition and clarity.
The Spiritual: expanding consciousness leading to enlightenment.

Learn how to invert safely with a proper warm up and major focus on alignment and intention

We will begin with the fundamentals of inversions and arm balances, and once fully warm we will start some upside down fun. Zoe will give you plenty of tips to strengthen the body and feel more confident when practicing inversions, all in a super relaxed, non judgemental and ultra friendly environment.

Learn how to turn your world on it’s head, safely and securely – everyone is welcome!




Yin Yoga – A Journey through the Chakras with Charlotte Wellfare

Sunday 24th September
15:00 – 17:00
£20pp – spaces limited to 16 students


During this unique Yin Yoga Workshop Charlotte will take you and your body on a musical journey through the seven sacred chakras:

Muladhara – The landing of the soul

Swadhistana – Go with the flow

Manipura – Stir the fire

Anahata – Open to love

Vishuddi – Express our inner voice

Ajna – Working towards wisdom

Sahasara – Our final destination

The Yin Yoga postures follow all the chakras in our body. Attention will be focused on breath, meditation and intention.  An intense but at the same time relaxing workshop to bring forth the union of body, mind and spirit. ”All forms of Yoga can be described as Yin or Yang based on which tissues of the body they target.  A practice that focuses on exercising muscles and moving blood is Yang.  A practice that focuses on connective tissues is Yin.”




Finding Your Voice Workshop with Vernon Thompson

Saturday 30th September – 15:00 – 17:00 
Spaces limited to 16 students


About the Workshop

We spend a small fortune on how we look and improving our general fitness but forget about our voice and yet this is the single most identifiable feature about us all. The aim of the workshop is to embark on a process by which you can  improve the quality of your unique instrument for increased confidence in communication. By focusing on the way in which we use voice in yoga practice, we will develop the breath support and intercostal and abdominal musculature for a more rooted and centred experience when breathing and chanting. Our work will involve relaxation and stance; breath capacity and pressure, and the onset and forward placement of voice with relation to your throat chakra and the expression of emotion. You will identify how to develop your vocal skills and hone them to express more accurately what is in your heart . Please wear loose clothing and bring a small hand mirror.

About Vernon

Vernon has an MA in Voice Studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama which is the highest internationally-recognised qualification. He works with broadcasters and reporters on Channel 4 News for vocal clarity and resonance. He heads up Voice and Speech work at City Lit, London’s foremost adult education establishment and has taught Voice at various top London drama schools. He has his own theatre company London Repertory Players and produces and directs their summer rep seasons.





Soulful Sunday

A Yin Yoga & Live Music Workshop with Andy & James

Sunday 1st October 13:30 – 16:00
Pricing: £25pp
Spaces limited to 18 students

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 Join Andy and James for a mind blowing journey into word, sound and yoga.  This workshop will take students into a rhythmic flow of movement to music in order to heighten the senses ensuring that everyone leaves feeling profoundly revitalised.
This powerful fusion of yin yoga, beautiful poetry and live music brings an element of creative spontaneity that will  inspire, energise and soothe.  The poetry will take students from body into mind. It’s healing, it’s deep and will enhance the journey into blissful meditation where students will find space to deal with feelings and emotions helping to reconnect and embrace.
James Bio:

James Clark performs and composes music which brings sounds from around the world together. Playing piano, steel pans and accordion James performs in Brazilian and Cuban band Mañana Collective as well as his own anarchic world music big band, The Lonely Hearts Rugby Club. Performing and composing for theatre is also important to James.




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