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The Power of Networks – Life is full of complex networks be it relationships, the ecology or even the economy which rely on the fine balance of many of its components for efficient operation. We believe that personal health also behaves like a complex network, which can be affected by the constant undulations of energies created in your everyday living. At The Refinery we give you the tools to enable you to deal with 21st Century lifestyles through the power of exercise and meditation to help you achieve both mental and physical well – being.

The Refinery’s service offer – At the Refinery we offer a wide range of health services including different types of Yoga, Pilates, other health services and complementing products as well as training in specific forms of energy, health and fitness work​outs. Whether you enjoy a particular form of exercise, or would prefer a holistic approach to your health, at the Refinery we can provide the tools for you to manage your “well–being” network.

The Refinery’s E9 Yoga studios are located in the heart of East London – we believe that the environment you are in has a huge impact on your state of mind. For this reason we have taken extra care to ensure that we provide a fun and funky yet relaxed environment where you will be positively energised and allow full disconnect from your daily challenges. The Refinery offers 3500 square feet of expertly designed indoor fitness area with fitness studios, wifi- connected lounge area and comfortable male and female changing rooms. There are three studios in total offering a whole range of holistic as well as cardiovascular/respiratory endurance exercise methods, which will aim to increase your stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed and agility helping you feel connected and healthy.

Take a break, don’t rush, refine and reconnect come and see what you can achieve at the Refinery.

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