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Push Mind Over Body Fitness was founded by Marlon Antoine.  Marlon started out as a Professional Footballer playing for Leyton Orient and Chelsea FC.  Following one injury too many it was time for a career change so he moved into Youth Work where he helped local kids to facilitate personal, social and educational growth.  Marlon regained his hunger for exercise and fitness 2 years ago.  Soon noticing a drastic change in body strength and mental focus Marlon decided to start Push Mind Over Body Fitness so that he could share this powerful fitness regime with others.

Our PT’s, with their different styles, specialise in core strengthening, body sculpting and high intensive cardio burning programs designed to inspire you and dramatically raise your fitness levels. Marlon and his team are committed to your Fitness, Health and Nutrition ‘Your commitment is our commitment!!”  

With creative and well thought out sessions our PT’s will ensure that you surpass all expectations and reach goals you never thought possible.  

Please call the studio on 0207 148 5990 to book your FREE 30 minute taster session.

PT PACKAGESAll sessions are 60 minutes.

Push Nibble 4 week intro:

1 x PT session per week.
Introduction to ease you and your body into regular one to one training sessions.

Push Target 4 week blast:

2 x PT sessions per week.
Designed for the goal orientated, you may only have a month before that holiday, wedding or just need a calorie burn/strength boost between work commitments.

Push Back on track 8 weeks

Please call the studio for full details.

Push Goal setters 12 weeks

Please call the studio for full details.

Once you have completed the 12 week course, you will receive a complimentary 60 minute deep tissue massage.

PT sessions will include:

Core strengthening
General fitness

With every package you will receive:

Nutrition tips and advice
Body weight monitoring
Encouragement and motivation



Customer Testimonials


“Without doubt Marlon is the best personal trainer i’ve had, he has an imaginative and approach to his sessions that usually leave me exhausted and ultimately, a lot fitter and stronger! He is particularly good at improving endurance and core power.”

David K 


“I first met Marlon doing a group class at the refinery and he told me about other classes and mentioned personal training to me. I had my first block of PT sessions in May when they were half price and they were excellent.  I now train with Marlon once a fortnight but I am planning to increase it to weekly sessions soon when I move jobs. 

Marlon tailors my workouts precisely to what my goals are at the time. He is able to spot where my weaknesses are and tell me what to work on when I train alone. Each session incorporates different exercises and I really feel like I am pushed a lot harder than when I workout by myself. Marlon has also given me advice on my diet taking in to consideration my lifestyle. Marlon is flexible with training times and responds quickly when I need to rearrange sessions.

I really enjoy my sessions (even though they are really tough!) and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a PT in the area or anyone who wants to try a PT session who hasn’t before.” 

Sarah C  


“I booked 8 sessions with Marlon after doing no exercise for over 2 years since the birth of my son with the intention of getting fitter and losing some weight.  I found the sessions intense and really hard but walked out afterwards feeling amazing (if a little sore).  Marlon wasn’t afraid to push me to work at my maximum capacity (even when I was resistant) and would encourage me to work harder all the time to achieve results.   Marlon has a positive attitude to fitness and reaching personal goals which I found very motivating and I would highly recommend his expertise to anyone else looking for personal training in Hackney.  I hope to go back for more sessions in the future!” 

Francesca S 

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