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 Susan Janikowski – Reflexology




Susan is a reflexologist with many years experience and has a passion for helping her clients achieve good health.  Her treatments are deeply relaxing and restorative, helping bring balance to the mind and body.  She also offers maternity reflexology, which provides wonderful support throughout pregnancy, as well as being very effective postnatally to restore energy levels.  With the help of reflexology she has supported many women struggling with fertility issues and couples preparing for IVF. Her treatments also combine Reiki healing and being a qualified medical herbalist she is able to offer her clients many useful health recommendations.

£60 for 60 mins
£80 for 90 mins



Cat Stevens – Energy Healing




Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is an ancient healing modality that helps to bring us back into alignment by restoring energy and power to our inner spirit. Once the underlying energetic pattern causing disharmony is changed we can free ourselves from our stories, dramas, traumas and conditioning so that we can step into a new way of being. The healing technique used in the treatment will be determined by the symptoms presented and Cat will often combine different healing modes together to bring the best healing for you.

In a treatment you can expect one of the following modalities to be used: Illumination Process, Past Life Illumination, Soul Retrieval, Soul Contract breaking and rebuilding, Extraction, Black Despacho Ritual Ceremony, White Despacho Ritual Ceremony, Black & White Stone Healing, Power Animal Retrieval. Cat can also do a house or apartment cleanse, clearing your home of any old and unwanted energy or toxins.

A shamanic healing session can last between 1.5-3 hours depending on the individual and the healing mode that is being called on.

£90 per session.

Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni means “Of one heart”, meaning that we are all from one divine energy source. It is a 5th dimensional healing modality that helps to balance the masculine and feminine energies in the individual. Rahanni helps to release all negativity, helping you to move forward with your life with peace in your heart. In the session you will experience hands on healing through me and it is recommended that you receive three treatments to get the full benefits. A Rahanni healing session can lasts approximately 1 hour depending on the individual. £55 per session or £140 for three sessions payable in advance.

Cat is passionate about guiding others through their transformational process and enjoys seeing her clients return to their strength so they can reclaim their vital energy. Deeply sensitive and compassionate, she helps to release any energy blockages and empowers her clients to connect to their inner wisdom so that emotional, physical and spiritual healing can take place.

Cat has been initiated as a mesa carrier of the Inca tradition, completing the Q’ero medicine wheel. She also has experience working with plant spirits to assist in bringing healing to others. Her clients often report leaving a session with a deep sense of inner peace and calm and feel reconnected to their true nature.



Rosy Hawkins – Acupuncture


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I am a qualified Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncturist and holistic massage therapist. I see a wide range of conditions in my clinics, including pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches, infertility, menstrual disorders and disharmonies caused by pregnancy. In addition, I specialise in IVF support, for which acupuncture has great results both in counteracting the side- effects of medication and encouraging a calm state of mind and environment for new life to conceive.

Acupuncture, a form of ancient Chinese medicine, diagnoses illness by examining the individual as a whole, incorporating mind, body and spirit into the clinical picture. Very fine, sterile, single-use needles are inserted into specific points on the body to access trapped energy and encourage flow to regain balance and optimum health. Research suggests acupuncture triggers the body’s natural healing process by calming the nervous system, releasing endorphins and regulating hormones. Whatever you are seeking acupuncture for, you will likely feel calmer, more autonomous, and sleep better.

The number of treatments required is unique to the individual as with TCM acupuncture you treat the individual and not the condition. The treatment is focused to you and your needs.

My journey to holistic health began during my previous career as a dancer, receiving acupuncture for injuries. It was the best method I had found for pain relief, and here my love for the art of needle work began. As a dancer, and gymnast before that, I always felt a great awareness of my physical body, something that is not so natural to large numbers of us living in the fast-paced modern world. I recognise the impact that daily stress and trauma can have on the body, and I aim to help my patients become more aware of their environment in order to harness the optimum balance for a healthy mind and body. I am also trained in reiki and emotional freedom technique (EFT) and like to incorporate this into the work that I do when relevant.

I am privileged to work in this way. I consider it an honour to be invited into the experience of my patients and a gift to help facilitate a happy and healthier daily experience.

£60 for 60 minutes – acupuncture or massage
£80 for 90 minutes – combined acupuncture and massage

(My training and practice follow a strict code of conduct and safe practice, as stipulated by the British Acupuncture Council, the professional body with whom i am insured by.) 


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